Sof's Mission Statement

  • Get more Teslas on the road
  • Give rides/drives in my own cars, including Roadster 2020
  • Participate in the Tesla Community


Tesla Sof

Hi! I'm Sofiaan Fraval, also known as Sof or Tesla Sof. I'm an avid Tesla enthusiast and supporter. I created this simple website as a placeholder for better things to come. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, please read about my Tesla story below, and follow me on social media (mainly twitter)  for Tesla related updates. Thanks!

Sof's Tesla STORY

A snapshot in time of the email I received from Tesla confirming my first test drive.

Hooked on Tesla

In 2013, I test drove the Model S for the first time ever. I remember vividly the feeling I had when I first got in the car. When I started driving the car, the complete absence of vibration and the quietness of the motor was immediately apparent . This was the most pure driving experience I'd ever had. I was hooked! I had to have one, so I plotted my master plan to get one within 5 years


First Tesla Model S P85

After only 2 years of dreaming, in 2015, I purchased my first Tesla! It was a used brown 2013 P85, Model S with about 30K miles. It was the best decision I made, and my whole family loved it. What I didn't realize then was that I could never go back to an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) car ever again.


Ludicrous Tesla Model S P90D

At the end of Q3, 2016, Tesla came out with the new front end fascia and makeover for the Model S. As a result, Tesla offered their inventory vehicles with big discounts. That is, before Elon put a stop to it! I was lucky enough to get in at the right time, and never looked back. I gave up my P85 for a 2016 P90DL Model S. Thank you Tesla for an amazing ludicrous vehicle!


Tesla Referral

Since becoming a Tesla owner in 2015, I've raved about Tesla to everyone. I planted seeds which have fruited into many new Tesla owners. In 2017, one of my coworkers, Sam, decided to get a Tesla. He knew how passionate I was about all things Tesla, so he came over to me and asked me for my Tesla referral code. It was awesome because he got free supercharging for life using my  code. And because of Sam, my son loves his mini radio flyer Tesla, a gift from Tesla for my first referral. Sam, you are amazing, and you will get the first drive in the roadster when I get it. Thank you!


Worth the Wait for the Model 3 LR RWD

On March 31st, 2016, I didn't stand in line waiting to reserve a model 3. Instead, I delivered a speech about Tesla! I told everyone in the audience that a very special livestream was going to happen that evening, about the model 3 unveiling. That night, sight unseen,I I placed a reservation online for a Model 3. One year, 8 months and 28 days later, on December 27th, 2017, I would own a brand new black RWD premium long range model 3! Direct from the Tesla Fremont factory here in California! 


Tesla P3D+

The RWD Tesla model 3 car was an absolute dream come true. But 7 months later, the performance version was announced. I realized that my RWD was in high demand, so I searched for the right people. I would miss the original 3, but I was so happy when I found the perfect new owners to love the car just as much as I did. They even convinced their family to order another Model 3! And I received delivery of this amazing track ready marvel of modern technology a month later! A 2018 Performance Model 3 with the (then $5K) Performance Upgrade Package, complete with "track mode". It's an incredible car and I'm so grateful for it! Can't wait for the Tesla Roadster 2020. I'm going to share it with everyone! I love Tesla!

Tesla Model S P100D

After owning the a P90D for almost 3 years, there wasn't anything faster except a P100D. By a stroke of luck, the guys at Tesla Santa Barbara made it possible for me to obtain this amazing machine. It's truly a joy to drive, and unbelievable performance. Thank you Tesla Team and Elon Musk!



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Giving Back

Do you have any Tesla related questions, whether it be about cost of ownership, benefits and rebates, or anything else? Please use the form to contact me, or any of the social platform links above. I look forward to hearing from you!